End of Trading Notice from eastdevon.com ltd



To account holders and domain holders.

EAST DEVON.COM LIMITED Company number 03918945 completed a 'Strike Off' notice with Companies House on the 8th August 2018.

After 17 years of solid and healthy trading, two (out of three) founder directors of eastdevon.com ltd had decided to retire from business activities in 2018. After a discussion with accountants it was determined that eastdevon.com ltd, as a trading entity, considered a de-register (Strike Off) and be dissolved as limited company. This was to conlcude all of its business affairs with the existing and founding directors. Since March an alternative resolve had been sought to find another party to take on the company assets and customers and within reason attempt to 'continue business as normal', unfortunately this has not happened. It is will sadness that we have to explain the current and future position regarding the activities of your domain, hosting and emails.

The servers have been administered since this 'Strike Off' action was taken, with all hosting, domain renewal and email issues supported as a gesture to very loyal customers.

Servers leased by eastdevon.com ltd have a paid up contract ending on the 21st December 2018. Until this date your domain (s) can be hosted with continued email service for which there will be no charge. Funds were lodged with the FASTHOSTS server account prior to the 'strike Off' to pay for any domain renewal fees to the 21st December 2018, as a further  'good will' gesture.

The former company directors do recognise that there is an inconvenience to you, for which all domains holders  have our sincerest apologies, but unfortunately there is no other alternative.

All domains that were registered through eastdevon.com ltd reseller agency accounts are currently lodged with FASTHOSTS hosting servers (who are also the current IPS TAG). In the past all domains were protected by eastdevon.com ltd as a reseller, ensuring that domain renewal fees were paid on your behalf and on time. For you to retain your domain through continued registration with NOMINET (the UK registration agency) you will need to move your domain to another hosting service by the 21st December 2018. 

The following is of the upper most importance to domain holders.

All domain holders will need to create an account through ANOTHER reseller/company who can provide a hosting service for your domain.From your new provider you will need to provide via email (link below) a new IPS TAG (address). An IPS TAG is a way for NOMINET to give control and transfer a domain name. These TAG's are provided through domain hosting companies and many web designers (who often have agency accounts).  Once the transfer is made all hosting and email provision (on the eastdevon.com ltd servers) will come to an end, and you will not be able to recover any part of any existing website or email from these servers after the transfer date. Domain holders will also not be able to recover any data after the 31st December and a 'no action' process from domain holders will result in the domain having to be recovered directly from NOMINET.

Please notify us if a NEW TAG through the email info@eastdevon.com

FASTHOSTS are able to provide single domain accounts with email services - they can be contacted on 01452 541 499. There are many 100's of alternative providers you may choose move onto, with a variety of offerings more suited to your needs.

Hopefully you are in the practice of BACKING UP YOUR WEBSITE and EMAILS. PLEASE continue to do this and most importantly this should be also be done on the last day, before any transfer of your domain(s). You may need these for your records or any future provider. These will not recoverable once a domain is transferred.

A more personal note:

"As a micro business itself, eastdevon.com ltd always focused its business model towards the small business, often supporting those with limited IT support, who relied on eastdevon.com ltd to protect their domains, hosing and email services.

eastdevon.com ltd directors had always prided themselves on ensuring the least disruption to any service, with honest and open business practices. It is with this ethos that the closure of the business is designed.

Over many years eastdevon.com ltd dealt with some fabulous business and personal customers, many of who have becomes good friends. It has been an honour to serve you all.  There is an element of sadness that the business needs to close. A big thank you for your support through the nearly 18 years of trading!"

Any further enquiries please email info@eastdevon.com


November 2018