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Change of VAT Status

Change of VAT Status.

Eastdevon.com ltd has been invoicing customers and adding VAT since it was registered in 2000.  As a ‘small contributor’, we have never met the VAT threshold in any one year, but it was considered in our early operation to be of benefit to the business. Thus, we remained a ‘small contributor’ to something which most businesses acknowledge is burdensome.  From our operational costs and fixed overheads, it made sense to our accountants to be registered.

As a company we are required to give notice of any changes in tax status.

With the financial cost of being part of this tax collection regime, with ever increasing disproportionate costs to accountants and time usage to completing regular forms to HMRC, this put into question the continued registration and our voluntary VAT status. Companies meeting the threshold are required to be registered. In our position of trading, we have always had the option to withdraw from the listing of VAT registered businesses. Last year we were strongly advised to de-register from the scheme. This has now been done.  Therefore, as of 1st of January 2016, no VAT charge will be added to future invoices. This does not affect our limited company status in any way.

Thank you for your continued custom and please feel free to contact us should you have any questions.