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Customised Return Forms

Information collection is a powerful tool in the fight to understand who is looking at your website. It helps you constantly improve your content in the knowledge that it will bring more visitors and hopefully interest in your product or service.

Return forms are a very efficient way of gathering information as you are able to ask specific questions relative to your business. Viewers will find it much easier to simply fill in boxes rather than having to answer questions in an open ended way.

We are able to create a form that asks those relevant questions in the same way we have, as an example, on our "Ordering" page. The information we are asking for means that we don't have to keep coming back for more detail but can proceed to the next stage without a break.

The forms can be as long or short as you wish, but build to your personal requirements and uploaded either to your domain with us or your existing domain, depending on compatibility. Prices start from just £59 with no ongoing cost.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.