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You can set up your new website in one of two ways. Either as a sub-domain or on a dedicated domain registered to you.

A dedicated domain is an address you purchase and is solely available to you ie; www.myname.co.uk

Before you can own a domain you must first check that it is available. You can do this from the search box to the left or contact us for advice. Domain Registration is one of our primary services and we we are happy to discuss suitable names to fit your project.

The way the name is made up also needs particular thought as a long convoluted name will make it hard for people to remember how it is constructed, ie: www.paulrichardslightingengineers.co.uk would be far better if it were www.prle.co.uk or www.prlighting.co.uk.

Try to remember that your website will be used as adverting and could therefore be on a vehicle. If the viewer only has a moment to recognise the address it needs to be as memorable as possible.

Choose something short and to the point that identifies with your project or business. and if you require any advice please feel free to contact us.


A full domain, that is one that is for your sole usage, requires what is called "Registering". Once you have decided on your choice of domain name this will be registered with 'Nominet',  the UK registering agents, in your name and stays with you as long as the re-registration is maintained. This process is carried out by us automatically on your behalf on an annual basis, unless you decide to cancel or the annual renewal is not paid.

Please be aware that there is a £30 service charge (which is pre-paid to Nominet, who do not offer a cancellation option once the domain has been registered) which is non refundable.

Domain names all have a suffix, such as .co.uk or .com. There are a several different suffixes some of which cost more than others to register. The gold standard for a product, for example, would be a .com but in the UK more commonly a .co.uk will be used. Charges vary and we will advise of the current charges upon application.

A full list of domains can be found by following this link to WIKIPEDIA . Many are restricted to countries and a list of popular domain suffixes more commonly used in the UK follows:

.co.uk  -  .com  -  .net  -  .org  -  .org.uk  -  .info  -  .eu  -  .biz

Please contact us if you require any assistance.