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Hosting & Email



Hosting is the term to describe the service used to store the content of your website. It refers to space on a server, where your files are located and accessed by you, for updating and viewing via the your internet browser.

The amount of storage space required will depend on your requirements, ie; how many picture files you may have uploaded, but under our "Fair Usage" policy your annual fee will not increase under normal trading conditions. We reserve the right to restrict excessive upload and any content of a sensitive nature. (Please refer to our Terms.)

Hosting is a chargeable service that requires renewing annually to maintain your site.


Free of Charge eastdevon.com email services closing: Further information.

In 2012, Eastdevon.com suspended the FREE email service (i.e yourname@eastdevon.com) to new users and withdrew all the technical support. The service has never provided a revenue stream for the company and has been running on a loss basis, for most of the years it has been in service.

We have been forced into a position of reviewing the service and have concluded, unfortunately, that we need to see this provision ended. We have adopted an annual review process of all our services and these include FREE services with consderation of the impact any withdrawl of any service would have. 

Why is this happening? (You may ask)

Behinds the scenes, action towards the high levels of aggresive spam and virus activity, on the currents servers IP address, related to most addresses domained to eastdevon.com has made the FREE service untenable; there have been several times when the level of activity risked the IP address being blocked by BT's backbone, because of the exponential rise in spam activity.  Without additional measures being put into place, all users would have been catastrophically affected with a complete block (across the internet of all eastdevon.com domained email) by BT, as the IP would have been suspended for several days on each occasion (if we had not been quick to intervene).

Protection systems, at a level which would keep the service active are extremely costly. eastdevon.com FREE email provision is now considered to costly for us to operate. Our new server contract for email provision has seen a considerable hike in pricing, something we cannot avoid because it is an industry wide issue.

With the making of the system untenable to maintain and support, it was been decided that in its current form it has to be restructured in a way which does not need costly and constant maintenance. 

We appreciate the impact this has and will cause some inconvenience to individual users. Therefore, we have giving notice that as of 21st of October 2015 the service will be withdrawn to all existing users.


This action will not have any impact on other email services or other domains hosted through eastdevon.com ltd


Domain based email service:

Our domain based service includes a full POP3 or IMAP email service, with no restriction on the number of standard email addresses that can be used. Charges may vary if you require high capacity mail boxes.

Therefore If you choose the full domain package from us,  your address would be "john@myname.co.uk".

The addresses can be accessed online through our worldwide webmail service or if you wish coded into your device and used on or offline. They can also be pointed to another address if that suits your needs better.

We can also install extra capacity mail boxes for those of you who send and receive large attachments. Ther is nothing worse than continually have to check your mailbox to ensure that it is not full and consequentially restrict incoming mail. This service is available for a small annual fee but is very cost effective.

Our servers are compatible with many mobile devices but this can never be guaranteed due to the diverse number of platforms now being used. As we move into 2014 we would usually recommend that email is set up as IMAP and the normal mail settings would be:

Incoming mail: mail."domain name"

Outgoing mail: Please refer to your Data/Broadband provider for this setting.