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There are literally thousands of companies and organisations with the facility to register domains. Unless you carefully 'read the label' and understand 'what's in the tin' you can fall very short of what you need and it can become very costly, especially with the domains controlled by the 'starting from'  £1.99. 

We offer complete packages, UK based support and timely renewal to prevent loss of a domain.

We can help you select a name, if you cannot see the availability of your domain.


We lease some of the fastest servers in Europe! We also provide you with 'uncapped' space and download. In the event that you are an online 'film distributor', be prepared to negeotiate a deal. Our first priority is to our smaller customers who don't want a slow site because someone is using all the download!


Full email facilities are available along with our World Wide Webmail service, send and receive your mail from any machine with internet access. Large capacity mailboxes are available for a small annual fee and we do not limit the number of email accounts attached to a domain.

To check these services in more detail follow the drop-down menu under "Services"